France will not impose special conditions for supplying enriched uranium to the Tarapur plant nor will it exercise any control over the reprocessing of spent fuel by India under an agreement to be concluded shortly. The foreign minister of France said that there seems to be no difficulty because India is not averse to the safeguards envisaged by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). His government would only demand a guarantee that fissile material derived from the reprocessing be placed under the same IAEA safeguards to guard against the user country making an atom bomb. We are not going to control what is being done in India, he said.

Lok Dal split

The Lok Dal president Charan Singh reinstated the expelled party secretary Rameshwar Singh in a bid to cut down losses when the rebels led by the socialists and Devi Lal and Kumbha Ram Arya formalise the split in the party on August 9. The rebels have announced their decision to elect a new president to replace Charan Singh. George Fernandes, one of the rebel leaders, said that the dissidents had the support of all units in the party except those in Haryana, UP and Bihar.

Zia on Kashmir

Pakistan President General Zia-ul-Haq said that a no-war pact with India will not change his country’s position on Kashmir. Addressing a press conference, he said his government’s stance on Kashmir is well-known. General Zia also announced that he would be visiting the US in the first week of December.

Amitabh critical

The condition of film star Amitabh Bachchan is critical according to doctors attending to him. He has sepsis in his abdominal cavity.

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