Seems like Bollywood celebs have found a way to promote their upcoming films via special video series. After Ranbir Kapoor shot for ‘RK Tapes’ and the ‘Other Kapur Show’, Aamir Khan has now shot for ‘Best Interview Ever’ to promote Laal Singh Chaddha. In the video, the Bollywood star is presented with iconic props from his iconic films. He then goes down memory lane and shares some candid stories about his career and life. The actor also addressed his tag of ‘Mr Perfect’ and cited that he, on the other hand, doesn’t believe in perfection.

The video uploaded on the IMDb YouTube page opens with the interviewer asking him to pick between Laal Singh Chaddha’s Golgappa and 3 Idiot’s wedding thaali, to which he picked the former. He then chooses Crime Master Gogo’s cape and looks surprised that they managed to source the original one worn by Shakti Kapoor in Andaz Apna Apna.

Dismissing the title of ‘Mr Perfect’, Aamir Khan shared that he prefers magic over perfection. “I don’t believe in perfection because I find that beauty lies in imperfection. I don’t think I’m a perfectionist. I think this tag was given to me by the media because I had a very long period in which I didn’t have a film that didn’t work. So, I think they could not figure it out that he hasn’t had a film that hasn’t worked for a long time, and that’s what made them say that I’m perfect. What I really love is magic and a magical moment is much more attractive to me than something that is just perfect,” he shared.

Aamir Khan then went on to reveal that his favourite film is Searching for Sugar Man, the 2012 documentary on Sixto Rodriguez. He also shared that it’s his love for stories that keep him going even after so many years. “I used to listen to a lot of stories as a child. My father was a producer and my uncle was a director-producer often writers and directors would come to pitch stories to my dad. From the age of six, I think, I used to sit in the corner and just listen to those stories, because I loved listening to stories,” he shared. Aamir added that he never knew he would eventually also join films.

The star further revealed that after he watches his films long after it released, he doesn’t like what he’s done, and feels like trying to improve it. “My own work, which I have liked of myself, is probably, I would say Taare Zameen Par. The character of Nikumbh sir. I find less flaws in that performance of mine.”

Aamir Khan is then gifted another set of props — his shoes from Laal Singh Chaddha and the cricket bat from Lagaan. As he got hit by a wave of nostalgia, the actor shared that the bat had cracked while shooting. He spoke further about it saying how the design of the bat made it quite difficult for them to play. “It’s a single piece, so there’s no absorption of shock. When you hit the ball, you get a bit of a zing in your elbows. It’s also much heavier than a normal bat and difficult to wield. So, it was tough for us.”

As he was quizzed about how would he remake Lagaan differently now, Aamir Khan replied, “Well, I would really insist again to Ashutosh that the character of Bhuvan cannot be shaving.” He revealed that during the filming, he had told the director that since the village had no water, Bhuvan, his character could not be shown clean-shaven. “This guy got some secret water supply,” the Dangal actor laughed to share. He added that while it didn’t make sense to him, Ashutosh Gowarikar liked him in that look.

Towards the end, Aamir Khan is gifted the black hat from Dhoom 3, to which he said that while filming, he even used to wear it in real life. On asked what is love to him, the actor said, “So at different points, love has meant different things to me. Each time it has been something nice only. At different ages, when I was very young, when I fell in love for the first time. I think it still means the world to me in that sense. So for me, I think right now, love really means if you love someone then you want that person to bloom and be the best that the person can be himself or herself.”

Starring Kareena Kapoor, Laal Singh Chaddha is an official adaptation of Forrest Gump. It’s set to hit theatres on August 11.

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