Prank videos usually provide some of the most viral content on social media. However, not all pranks are well received and some prompt divided reaction amongst netizens. A prank video in which a mother fools her young daughter is eliciting similar reactions.

The undated video that is raking up lakhs of views, shows a young girl getting excited as she watches an egg get hatched in her mother’s hand. The visibly excited girl asks her mother if they can keep the chick.

However, seconds later, the egg cracks open and instead of a chick, it is the woman’s finger that pops out. Reacting to this, the little girl storms out of the room as the woman breaks into a laugh.

The video, shared on Twitter by popular account Fred Schultz (@FredSchultz35) on Monday has gathered over 8.9 lakh views.

Commenting on the video many people argued that the prank was unkind to the child. Echoing this view a Twitter user wrote, “Too cruel for an innocent child. If that’s the mother model the little girl sees, in 10-15 years time parents surely will be wondering what would they have done wrong when the young girl have fled from home.”

Another person wrote, “It was incredibly mean spirited”.

However, many others found the prank hilarious and wrote, “It’s a harmless, hilarious joke. Jimmy Kimmel does a bit every year where parents trick their kids by making them think all their Halloween candy was eaten and kids literally cry, but y’all eat that up.”’

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