At their latest concert of the Music Of The Spheres World Tour in the Belgian capital of Brussels, the British band Coldplay was joined by Svyatoslav Vakarchuk, lead vocalist of Okean Elzy, a popular rock band from Ukraine.

Vakarchuk, who joined the Ukrainian military after the Russian invasion in February, is now embarking on a Help for Ukraine world tour with his band that aims to collect funds for the country’s war effort.

Vakarchuk joined Coldplay on stage on August 9 and together they performed Okean Elzy’s song Obiymy (Embrace), which has become an anti-war anthem.

Before starting the song, Vakarchuk, also known as Slava, thanked Coldplay for inviting him. “These are hard times for my country. We are at war. I want you to know that we are fighting not only for Ukraine. We are fighting for world peace, freedom, and democracy,” he said. As the crowd burst into applause, Vakarchuk said, “We will win this war together and afterwards we will build a new, free, and peaceful world”.

The video of Coldplay and Vakarchuk performing together is going viral. Commenting on the video, a Twitter user wrote, “It is absolutely surreal to see Coldplay playing one of our Ukrainian cult songs of @okeanelzy and their frontman and our nation’s cult rock singer Slava Vakarchuk is singing his song together with @coldplay 😭😭😭😭😭”.

Another user remarked, “I absolutely love this song and the show of support. Thank you for this incredible performance. #SlavaUkraini”.

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