Subcommune – The App That ESL Students Can’t Do Without

By | August 20, 2021

Subcommune is an advanced Smartphone subtitle app that has hit the market this year. It’s of great help to all smartphone users who are planning to take up English as their second language. It’s a state-of-the-art mobile app that lets users learn English with subtitles. What’s more? It allows the users to organise the bookmarked subtitles in Sublists and Tags. With a plethora of unique and interesting features, it is sure to grab your attention.


Features of Subcommune


The app features a user-friendly interface, which helps in quick understanding of its functionality. In addition to that there are host of other features that let it stand among all Smartphone apps. Let’s check out a few of those most-talked about features:


  • The app features an easy-to-understand tutorial to help novice users. Quick help tips on every skin informs about the app’s various functions. Thus, using the app is not just easy, but interesting too.
  • The app allows direct access to the official website, social media pages, and blogs of Subcommune. It leaves less effort on the part of the users to check out everything they want to know about it.
  • The search tab allows seamless searching for all genres of videos and tutorials. Now you can search for a word or a phrase from the subtitles in the videos too.
  • You can search for your favourite videos with subtitles. For example, you can look for a song with its lyrics or can find a motivational video with a famous quote from it.
  • Saving subtitles on sublists and tags to watch later and organizing saved moments are a few of the amazing features of Subcommune.
  • There is another great feature of this great educational app – enabling web search of words from the subtitles. With it you can look for words and meanings directly from the Internet.


So, you can see that there are quite a number of interesting features of Subcommune that you can go gaga over. If you are an android user, it seems to be must-have app for your Smartphone. Still wondering about its benefits? Check out the following pointers:


Benefits of Subcommune App


Subcommune app has put a whole new meaning to learn English with subtitles. You can bookmark streaming video subtitles and keep those for future references. Now, you do not have to search the Web extensively for the educational or inspirational videos you need to watch over and over again. There is also no need to download the video; just use Subcommune to save subtitles that you can watch anytime, anywhere.


Subcommune lets you organise your videos, subtitles, and notes. You can organise them in “Sublist” categories or can tag them for future references. You can also subscribe to your favourite video channels with the help of this app.

And, the good news is – It is free! You can download this app on your Android app without any cost. Don’t worry, there are no hidden charges. If you don’t want to sign up yet, you can still check it out.

It is a recommended app for ESL students.If they learn English with subtitles it would be easy for them to grab the meanings, spellings, and pronunciations.

Author Bio :Mark Bew is an educationist and an EFL teacher. His writes on a variety of topics with particular focus on English learning apps.

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